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 Review Engagement

Review Engagement offers intermediate assurance, boosting confidence in financial data without a full audit. Our expert CPAs thoroughly examine statements for reliability and accuracy.

Key Points

Thorough Examination of Financial Statements:

In a Review Engagement, our team thoroughly examines financial statements, delving into numbers, transactions, and supporting documents. This ensures a true and fair representation of your company's financial health by verifying accuracy, completeness, and adherence to accounting principles.

Reliability and Accuracy Assessment:

The primary goal of a Review Engagement is to boost confidence in your financial data by evaluating reliability and accuracy through transaction testing and error identification. This provides enhanced assurance for you, stakeholders, and potential investors.

Balanced Assurance for Businesses:

Review Engagement strikes a balance between a thorough audit and a Compilation Report, offering enhanced integrity to financial statements without the cost of a full audit. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to meet stakeholder expectations.


In summary, our Review Engagement service provides businesses with a valuable and intermediate level of assurance. Our experienced team of CPAs conducts a thorough examination of financial statements, ensuring reliability and accuracy. This service is tailored for businesses seeking a higher level of assurance than a Compilation Report, while not subjecting themselves to the extensive scrutiny of a full audit. It is a balanced approach that adds credibility to financial statements, making them more trustworthy for various stakeholders, especially in the context of SMEs.

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